Fuck Luck

I’m going to start walking under ladders to prove it never really matters

I’ll be standing right here in tears with my bank account in arrears smashing mirrors 

Bad luck for another 7 years, cheers

The type to say toast and never take a drink

A gripe from the undermined who tends to over think 

Collecting the cheque for regret affecting personal debt without a second blink 

Blowing candles on this years cake 

Wishing for that big break because it’s running late 

The moment you realize a string of good luck It breaks into another mistake fueled headache

I saw her stress and brushed it off in denial 

In awe I saw her dress before she came down the aisle

I’m praying for beginners luck

Surveying the ground spotting penny’s and picking them up 

Wearing keychains with 13 different rabbits feet while carrying a 2x4 

Where inhumanity and my constant habit meet of knocking on wood 

Crossing my fingers this wishbone cracks and saves me for good 

The greatest inventor in the world is a thing called accident

I’ve been trying to avoid those

The latest mentor trying to be more compassionate with Freudian slip woes

 No more sitting duck, hard work and preparation meet your new friend, opportunity 

I never gave a fuck and I’m over this so-called luck until granted immunity.

Final Indecision

Maybe I did or maybe I didn’tI never made it clear, apparently I’m a fan of indecision. 

On my eyes are blinders so I can’t see your face 

Thoughts in my mind could fill binders but I keep them closed to save face.

Limitations, inadequacies and circumstance Mulling it all over while sitting on the fence. 

Eenie mine mo’ing, flipping coins and picking flower pedals. 

Thoughts overflowing as I’m already sewing the ribbon for a runner-up medal. 

I’m dressing as a question mark for Halloween.

Hard pressing like a seasoned loan shark then right back to thinking like I’m fifteen. 

Graveyard of good intentions an extension of my contentions.

Avant garde getting a creative intervention. 

Make up your mind, troubleshoot with blush 

Put yourself out there then do your best to keep it on the hush.

I don’t know, I’m not sure, hmm ahh’s and maybe laters’ 

I didn’t show, I read the brochure and what I saw made me a traitor. 

I’m making a revision, I think I found the cure I’m overcommitting to indecision for the long run, but I’m really not sure.


I’m still waiting on my GST postage 

Hopin’ it makes it’s way post haste 

Postbox emails 10 hours a day 

Trying not to impose on others positions cant postpone the deadlines so we constantly miss em’ 

If we keep it up I’ll have to change my postal code

put a looking posting up and live without the load 

that’d be a heart breaker like hitting the goal post 

spotting those imposters like I recognized them from a wanted poster

now I’m posted up against my bedpost going postal looking for more in store and thinking back on before.

I sit and think about pretty prepubesant preteens trying to fit in 

doing things like there’s no choice and it’s predestined 

Give yourself time to grow up, you have to preheat your dreams 

Preoccupy yourself with good people not unproductive schemes. 

You’re always 10 times prettier than you think

put your passion first don’t ever let it sink

cultivate friendships or you’ll loose em’ in a blink. 

respect for others starts with respect for yourself 

be preoccupied with compassion don’t put your voice on the shelf 

predominantly predictable path if you do the math 

between social pressures, parents and the medias wrath 

Don’t mean to preach but I’ve been thinking on my Iphone 

A precursor to some things that my minds been on.

Imperfectly Perfect

Shoplifting books on ethics and skipping the pages involving irony

Practicing my milk carton expressions so you can keep an eye out for me

Humanity tends to interfere with passions

Vanity while drinking beer in overwhelming rations

A plea of insanity in a relaxed fashion

I’m anonymously pointing myself out

I’m surprisingly calm while feeling doubt

Synonymously trying to find the right way to say it 

Obviously oblivious, spying on someone who knows their my favourite

Playing myself in a skit, hiring myself only to quit, holding onto a lie only to admit

Beautifully flawed, imperfectly perfect

A bully with claws, an object of your indirect neglect while wondering if it was worth it

It’s a sham, drudgery, broken dreams in a beautiful world

It’s a scam, it bothered me, low esteem from your usual usable beautiful girl

What did I expect? nothing less than regret and collecting the cheque

Nevertheless left feeling shipwrecked against the shore

Merci, Aivore.


Rebel or pacifist

better or average 

right or wrong 

spazz out or stay calm 

clear headed or hit the bong 

quiet hums or loud songs 

right or left 

life or death 

righting wrongs or wronging rights 

cold winter days or hot summer nights 

broken hearts or the first “l word” drops 

confined by your own mind or on lock by the cops 

paper or plastic 

hater or fanatic 

say it all out loud or keep it all in 

do things right or live riddled in sin 

stay committed from the start or wait on the end

married to or way past due 

all alone or with my crew 

spend my time or “I’m a little busy” 

“I’ve already left” or “you can come with me” 

up and at em’ or snoozing a little longer

focus on the right, right now or anticipate the karma. 

take it as far as you can or hold back 

broken strap on a satchel or a backpack

call or e-mail 

full price or a cheap sale 

light rain or hard hail 

to lead or to follow 

full of truth or consciously hallow 

chipper and stoked or overcome with sorrow 

I’ll take it forever or content with borrow

weapon or passiveness 

savage love or a light kiss 

never or to have to Choices are what makes you. 

Word to the wise

Be proud of who you are, stay in charge of your dreams 

whether working long and hard or a get rich quick scheme.

Be honest and true and live within’ your means. 

Find your strengths plan your goals to dissolve doubt 

Commit to what your passionate about 

No more of that one-foot in one foot out. 

Set your own path, do the math and don’t play. 

You’re the one who’s going to live with your decisions everyday. 

Be yourself and you’ll soon enough find where you fit. 

Keep it up, open up and keep your intentions legit. 

These are just a couple tips that I’ve been telling me 

You’re only ever as qualified as you allow yourself to be. 

Right Person/Right Time

The three keys to life, take it like a tour. 

Something to do, something to love and something to hope for. 

Shake me to the core as I bite my tongue 

I shouldn’t have to settle but I’ll never forget where I came from. 

The undercover show boater, the fool of fear.

Leaping with laughter while my thoughts remain clear. 

Every minute with you feels like 60 seconds. 

learning my lesson about sprinting from the gate in a long race got me stressin’ 

As I stop to look around and quit trying to appease 

there’s flowers swaying in the breeze bringing me to my knees 

I have a hungry look in my eye from not eating in a while 

Fortunately, It’s not my style to vent on a Facebook profile. 

Once your hearts been broken, it grows back bigger 

life was simpler when I was living these stories through my action figures 

Prescription bottle full of clocks because time heals 

loving the right person at the wrong time, shit’s real.

This is for

This is for the heroes who never stopped and the zeros who never had a chance.  

The wide-eyed glances and the pinpoint squint stares. 

The love filled dreams and the heartbreak nightmares. 

The broken telephone and the “who said what” 

the in-person replies and the “She'll find out in due time” 

The “It was really amazing seeing you” and leaving without a word.

The “I’ll see you soon” and the “what’d you do tonight” 

The “I’m sorry about before” and the making everything right. 

To the broker then broke, hopelessly hopeless and constantly coasting. 

Those that praise, toast or roast friends

or those who will hold it close or push it all away at the end.

Do you best to stay true; but you’ll break if you don’t bend.

The Moments the Moment

Slapped on this wrist of mine, living on borrowed time.

No love lost but it’d be a great find. 

Control what holds the thoughts in my mind.  

It’s in a box, a hole, a jam a really tight bind. 

Doing right half past midnight although it should have been a crime.

Summer breeze in the winds distance is a peaceful chime.

Rooms Smokey, so please bear in mind what you believed I had in mind. 

Nothing comes to.. It must of slipped mine when I was trying to find some peace of.. 

Nothing compares to you, wearing all black with white gloves 

Tieing an imaginary rope around you and now you’re mime. 

Forlorn hope as a cope mechanism, feeling unaligned. 

Slippery slope in a barrel, Mystery remotes and you hate the channel.

Saw it coming, Politician looking for a good time, balloon popped with a scandal. 

Just trying to unwind, on a beach with sandals.  

Different from the usual bind of picking up more than I can handle. 

This is a period piece like messing up your sheets in the suite. 

The Moments the Moment so everything else takes the back seat. 

What a way to end it, I repeat the Moments the Moment and don’t forget it.

Fingerprint Smudges & Bombshell Crushes

Letter for letter, word for word

clever to severed, heard to absurd.  

Noun to noun, verb to verb. 

Clown to profound, hit the curb or hit the herb

only concern is how to earn. 

Self respect and introspect, dreaming of scheming until I slept. 

Awoke with a gasp nightmares of where I was considered last in every task. 

Hold those stones you cast because shit rolls downhill real fast. 

Cold sweats, fan-blowing listening to the knowing by Abel xo’n 

Droppin’ poems in a modern day fable with the lamp vibratin’ off the side table. 

That’s the thanks I get, one shot of whatever’s left and not replying to your one-word text.  

For what you sent me I resent thee. 

Forget about it all now, Men in Black flashing white lights loose your life. 

Forget lost, never found.

I came up for breath, did a double check and realized I drowned. 

Horn melodies and tight snares. Neglected jealously and harsh stares. 

This heaven is hell you see? Ambition disguised as fear that’s why I despise you dear. 

My battery died was a cowardly lie so I cleverly try to not sever the ties and keep em’ tight. 

Bunny hopping pot holes on a mountain bike, slight metaphor for life. 

If you never learn how, you’ll hit more than most and might end up on the ground. 

Dust your self off, straighten the chain. 

Oil on your hands commit a crime they’ll know who to blame. 

Fingerprint smudges and bombshell crushes. 

Your goals go slow whilst my dogsled mushes. 

Cracking the whip and after six open bar I sip. 

C on my hat for contemplating the conceited feeling contrived while trying to concentrate.  

I’m trying to congregate while you complicate so I over compensateAh well, too late.

Here comes the wedding cake. 

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